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About Me

My Name is Drake Ryder

 and when I was a boy, I couldn't wait to grow up. I erroneously believed that when I was an adult everything would be wonderful. All my problems would be solved. Make a lot of money get a pretty little honey & drive off into the sunset. Sound familiar? But has that really worked out for anyone?

Naaah me neither. 


I do have something better though. I have learned how to reconnect with nature & adventure. To channel that little boy that ran through fields chasing dragons. The same boy that swung across great chasms (also known as our little creek) on vines like Johnny Wisemiller as Tarzan. Complete with chest-beating & the famous Tarzan call.

  I ran through the treetops with Peter Pan & The Lost Boys while hunting for treasure & avoiding 'ole Captain Hook. NeverLand was my true home as my mother had hell trying to coax me from the woods during the setting suns of summer.


What happened to that boy I wondered? At some point, we are taught so wrongly to put those little boys on a permanent time out. Life gets so busy. Too damn busy. He gets pushed aside & forgotten but he is still in there with the fire in his belly waiting for you to breathe life into his heart once again.


Well, time outs are over forever! Inside every man is that inner adventurer that has been in time out for far too long. I hope as we travel together we can ignite the passion that still lives within us all.

I want to hear from all of you out there too. I want you to send me pictures of your stories of adventure. About reconnecting & the healing that comes from living an authentic life and I will post them here.


                                                       Drake Ryder

Come along with me & rediscover your Lost boy roots as we travel the West & places beyond.

Second star on the right until morning.


The call of the open road

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