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Welcome to Crater Lake

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Life is meant for so much more than simply surviving, working & paying taxes & living in debt. Yet that is what it has become & the saddest thing is we all think this is how it is supposed to be? This has become our normal. This is all we know. Ask yourself, am I happy? Am I fulfilled in any way with this life? Has it become a long montage of monotonous life scenes flashing you by? Are you sick & getting sicker by the year? Is your food, water & lifestyle killing you? You are not alone. By now, we all realize our lives are no longer our own, but a lifeless cycle of the must do's. Drudgery is the norm. We have become the walking dead. Now more than ever, we have to understand that we are in control of our lives. We alone hold the keys to our destinies. We must take responsibility for our health & happiness. Both our emotional & physical health is our responsibility alone.

I once visited the Lake about 17 yrs ago, but it was so socked in with clouds that seemed to rest right on top of the great Crater. For miles around, the sky was clear as a bell, but the Lake was invisible.
It was sure a disappointment after driving for a couple of days to see it. Yet I think perhaps it made this visit even sweeter.
The haze was not too bad considering the fires raging to the NW of the Lake.
The water is the bluest I have ever seen & there is an energy in the air you can feel. The Natives must have felt the same as this is a sacred place to them. They had a legend that this was an enormous Crawdad hole. (crayfish) The leviathan would explode from the depths & cease man & horse devouring them whole.
So goes the legend & yeah, I could see how it does resemble a Crawdad hole.
The truth is they told these stories to discourage people from visiting the magical site.
This is definitely something you would want to experience.


Until next time my friends.

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