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Glacier National Park

Paradise in the clouds

I had not seen the sun in so long & when some rain cleared away the smoke from the fires, it was like an old friend had returned. I sat inhaling the smells of the mountains & feeling the nourishing warmth from my long missed friend.
 Glacier Park is impossible to put into words. The beauty, the raw majesty of the mountains & lakes, is awe-inspiring, to put it mildly. The park is like one of those once in a lifetime magical lovers you meet. No matter how long you study her. No matter how many twists & turns you discover within her, you would have only begun to scratch the surface of her beauty even with ten lifetimes. 

  I made a much longer video than I normally do. I hope you enjoy it. My editing is getting better, but I am not there yet, so please forgive any imperfections.
This is my favorite National Park I have visited by far. It seemed that my journey for healing & adventures should begin with her. 


The last time I visited here was a year after I was diagnosed & despite being in treatments for a year & eating & drinking things that would make a goat toss-up. I was far worse than when I had started. It was like having food poisoning every day. I was beginning to lose hope & the truth is ending it all was slowly making it's way to the table. Had it not been for my daughter Sierra I would not have hesitated. But I realized that I could not leave her an orphan just yet. I had not done a good job preparing her for a life on her own. Strong as she was, I had failed as a father & could not die with that in my heart. So I shook off the Depression & began to research & experiment with herbs & food to heal me. As it turned out, I was entering the early stages of liver failure. Fortunately for me, I have had a challenging life. A life filled with overcoming obstacles. My saving grace. Goonies never say die!
  I visited Glacier, fully expecting to be the last time I would ever see her again. The person I took with me on the trip once past the point of no return became very unpleasant. I remember being a little bitter towards them, thinking. "you're ruining this for me, I will never see this park again & you are making it utterly miserable." I recalled this as I sat next to the lake with the wind tearing at my jacket. I took a moment to close my eyes & felt the wind & the sun & sent out a prayer of simple gratitude to the Universe.

God is good, I thought, so very good.  
It's never too late as long as we have breath. 


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