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Delta Colorado

I have a huge soft spot for small towns. I love the rural parts of America & Delta is the perfect small American town.

Complete with an old-school five & dime store. 


Delta is charming & quite enchanting. The small-town feel just oozes around ever corner & turn. 

On of the coolest things is the park & beautiful lake that you can boondock (camp) at for free.


R (1).jpg

Delta has a large park & lake system. You can fish, swim & camp for weeks absolutely free. There is a free dump & water at the lake as well. The lake is filled with trout, bass, catfish & panfish. The bass were definitely skiddish from the heavy fishing traffic but the Crappie were giving great action. 

Delta also has an oldschool drive in theater. It was a special trip down a nestalgic road for me, a real treat. 

  I think I was maybe 16 the last time I was at the drive-in & that was in Krakow MO. 

While the movie Dr. Strange 2 was a disappointment the experience over all did feel pretty magical. 

I stayed right next to the lake for a little more than a week before heading back towards the NW for the summer. I love this time of year where the world is waking up & green life is bursting around every corner. 



A surly goose gave me a little excitement & a chase evasion sequence Starsky & Huctch would have appreciated. Still I must say it was a bit of fun. 

Anytime spent in Colorado is time well spent in my book.

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm off down the road looking for more adventure & think I will have some beautiful stuff for you from Idaho very soon. Love you all & I hope you find your path to adventure. 

Second star to the right & straight on til morning. 


Drake Ryder

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