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Anyone that knows me when they ask me how I am doing My response is always "Living the dream" No matter if I'm up or down. Even when I was at my sickest my response always the same. "Living the Dream" and here I am. Just 3 years ago I was  planning my own funeral, for reals.

Now I search for adventure & healing & I will find both & so much more.

I hope you come with me.


My beautiful daughter seeing me off on my lost boy's adventures


I'm still getting my sea legs so to speak. Creating a routine & finding places for everything. My first night out I camped in a spot next to the famous Hole in the wall tourist trap in Eastern Utah.

  Little did I know this would be the last time I would see blue skies for sometime.

All the smoke from the fires in CA & OR would make the skies overcast & the sun so dim my ample solar panels would not keep up. It hid the beauty of the mountains as I traveled NW. It may have dampened my views but not my spirits. As I drove through mountains & valleys, the haze hung like a thick fog.
 I thought about the fact that beauty & majesty was still there even though it was cloaked. It reminded me of the beauty within people. So many the beauty is long hidden. Long obscured from view from their fellow man. Some from pain & hurt. Some from the sheer busyness of life. Overwhelming them with distractions. Loosing site of the Sun. People forget that this life is a life of beauty & magic. We forget that our fellow citizens are people with a whole universe within each of them because we can not see beyond the fog, beyond the smoke.
 So I ask you to take a moment & Pierce the smoke & mirrors. To see the beautiful, magical souls around you. Allow yourself to connect with them if nothing else in spirit. We live in polarized times & we forget no matter what sides we are on, we are, in fact, in this together. Spread some grace because none of us really know what we are doing & we are all just doing the best we can.

Here are some quick videos from the road. I hope they inspire you look within & find the wild adventure hiding behind the smoke.

Quake Lake MT

Jackson Hole WY

Virgina City MT


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