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The Lost Boys Adventure Club

We're Celebrating The Lost Boy Spirit.

Seeking the adventure we all long for & lost somewhere along the way.

The Lost Boys Adventure Club is more than just another travel blog.

  It's a place where we reconnect with our inner adventurer in a world where freedom & adventure isn't exactly celebrated these days.

It's a place where we are encouraged to rediscover nature & find our inner Lost Boy once again & in doing so, find the path to a joyful existence & wholeness.
  Come along with me on my travels for the nooks & crannies, traveling the mountains, deserts, and the back roads of these amazing United States.

Wooden Hut

Let's get our adventure on

None of us know how much time on the earth we really have.

It's only when we realize that our time may be cut short that we really ponder all the lost years. I found myself lamenting on the things I planned to do someday but never did. Frankly in reality, probably never would.

My name is Drake Ryder.

  A few years ago, I was very sick from what turned out to be severe heavy metal poisioning, after many, many misdiagnoses. They were talking MS & early Alzheimer's, Lupus, among other things. When I was 8 years old, I went stone cold blind & spent 4 months in a Children's hospital. My sight finally returned & they never understood what happened. We moved that summer & this turned out to be lucky for us, as the cistern well at that house had been a rain collection system & lead from the Lead painted roof with lead gutters & pipes. The house was over100 years old, so the well was incredibly toxic. Not with just lead,

 but nearly every damn metal known to man.


Once heavy metals are in your body, they are there forever unless you do something like chelation to remove them. Even in small levels of the right combination is lethal.

  How I am alive is a mystery or at the very least I should be completely insane. Wait who said that? 


   Then I discovered I had 2 broken vertebrae from 25 years ago, a snowboarding accident. I didn't even know. Hell, I thought everyone felt this bad at my age.
I became overweight because I was in so much pain and became so damn sedentary in my lifestyle.


To say I was miserable is an understatement. I literally wanted to die, but then I was properly diagnosed from a beautiful & brilliant Dr. Jan Jay, of Albuquerque. Fabulous Doctor btw.

It was a wake-up call for me, to say the least. I figured now was the time to do the things I had been waiting for retirement to do. Retirement that would likely never come for me now.  So with a complete lifestyle change & oh so many needles, I am feeling better than I have in decades & I am taking my life back. I still have some bad days. I'm just a million miles an hour on my good days.

I decided on the spot that I would live life every day in wonder & awe. I wanted an authentic life. To be real with it & everyone I met. To connect with all of me & all of what's out there.

I would have all of the adventures I dreamt of sitting at my desk looking out my office window.


It's funny to me that I had to be dying to actually start to live for the first time ever.

So here I am. My mind & body are strong & getting stronger every day.
I purposed in my heart, not if, but when I get better I would not waste any more time.
No more excuses. No more somedays for me.

I would simplify my life. Get rid of so much stuff & spend more time out there doing what I truly love.

Road tripping, seeing new places & meeting fun people,
write that novel, fall in love.
Find inner peace.
or whatever it might be for you.
What do you dream of or perhaps stopped dreaming of?
Seize the day. Start somewhere. Make a plan. That's a good place to start.
We are not promised tomorrow but we can start to truly live today!

Come along & rediscover your lost boy roots with me as we travel the west & points beyond.
      Second star to the right and straight on until morning.


The mountains fill my soul-The desert wraps me like an old friend- and the open road calls to my Lost Boy within.

How could I not answer?

So it's my Lil RV Daisy & me against the world.

 Thank you so very much for stopping by & I hope to see you here & out there.


The Road is calling! Let's go!

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